Monday, September 23, 2013

I communicate .........

I communicate with the breathe, smiles,

Tears of all my life! Everything I think

Or say or do communicate, I Communicate.

With all the energy of my life.

When I am happy, I communicate.

When I am sorrowful, I communicate.

This is my existence

My whole life is communicating.

When I stop communicating, I shall be dead

Saturday, September 14, 2013

ICT Enabled Science Education

The present system of ICT in most of schools are dealing with the presentations, videos, and web based resources for the teaching learning process. These visuals give so many informations to the learner. But there is no response from the learner as it is one way communication. In the activity oriented constructive curriculum, the learner have to interact with the source through the medium. So our ICT learning process must be interactive especially in science.
The soft wares using here are Audacity for studying Sound, K-Techlab for Electricity and Electronics and Stellarium for Astronomy. There are some other softwares like, GeoGebra, G-Periodic, K-stars, Kalzium are used for science study. PhET interactive simulations is the other collection of animated programmes for science study. In the science classes prime importance should be given to the real laboratory experiments using lab materials.