Thursday, February 2, 2012


    Centre for Science Communication CUSAT conducted National Science day Oration by Dr. R.V.G.Menon at Electronics Hall on 1st February 2012.
In Oration, Dr. Menon narrate in his usual style about the impact of human being over the nature and destroy it. He said Slavery was considered as injustice only after the  invention of steam engine.
    The Human being is maximum utilising the nature now. But the oil and gas will only exisit up to a maximum of 60 years. So we have to find new sources.
Nuclear Source is not a good source. It will make hazards and heavy expences.
    Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Wave Energy, Hydel are the energy sources considered as the energy for the future.
    Among them wind is a good source which can adopt in India. With multiple Land use it can be istalled in the farms and fields.
After the Environmental study, wave energy can also be used. Power stations like Pelamis Wave Power have to be considered and for that global tender should be arranged.
Solar energy is the better source among this.Roof top solar system, Solar power concentrator, photo voltage source are different methods which we can maximum utilised solar power. It is good to have arrange storage devices for the solar energy in the day time and can be use it in the night time.
Dr. RVG Menon explained a grand solution for  the power by placing solar panels ont the dams, and with the mutual power from both power stantion give the maximum energy.
Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Godfrey Louise made the key note address.
Director of Public Relations and the Coordinator of Centre for Science Communiaction, Dr. Anilkumar Vadavthoor made the welcome speech. Dr. Vasudevan, HOD of electronics distributed the certificateds to the participants of Natiional workshop for science communication. Sr.G Sureshkumar made the vote of thanks.